My areas of activities

The Question

Whatever I do, dealing with a single person, a group of people or an organization, there are always individuals involved. And there is no typical issue in individual coaching areas; each starting position is unique and has to be dealt with in a respectful manner.

To start with, the issue of the client needs to be clearly articulated. This does not mean that I understand the issue but that the client is in a position to define the issue he wants to focus on together with me. If the start makes sense for all involved, experience shows that the progress of work has a better chance of being productive. In many cases, I realize together with the client that his initial issue is relevant but the core issue is somehow different. As we progress, we from time to time ask ourselves: is the issue still relevant or do we need to reassess it?

From a Different Angle

As I accompany my client, I want to be clearly aware at each point in time that I always experience the issue differently than the client. The person being coached is the expert on his issue, not me. It is my job to respect the autonomy of my partner, to increase the space of possible realities, and thereby increasing the chance that something new, something different can take shape. This allows something to get into motion, to realize different shades and discover that the issue can be perceived in different ways, within the actual context.

In sum, these following main principles guide me:

  • The client is the expert on his issue.
  • The coach offers other possible ways to experience a situation.
  • Concentrate on changes instead of absolute truths.
  • Progress jointly in collaboration.
  • There is potential for progress everywhere.
  • Development is always to be seen in context.
  • Results are possibilities instead of facts.