Successful Organizational Development: Keep track of the whole system together with the relevant persons

Dynamic organizations with a motivating goal

Dynamic organizations with a motivating goal

How we as a Consultant/Coach approach and work together with organizations has a lot to do with our own experiences and the deeply cast understanding of what it means to be a human being. My over 20 years of (leadership) experience in various firms in Switzerland and abroad, together with my own conception of humankind as a basis, led me to the following simple convictions:

  • The leaders of a firm have a decisive impact.
  • Each human being would like to be respected and appreciated and be part of a group.
  • Viable and dynamic groups of people (instead of using the modern expressions 'successful' and 'resilient') are special insofar as competent employees have shared, motivating  goals and exchange ideas and opinions throughout the organization irrespective of hierarchy, in a reflective and mature way.

Typical issues in organizations which I deal with and like to address:

I would like to know, without further obligation, where and why my unit is not performing (analysis of status quo).

Is it due to strategy, structure and/or processes that we have to deal with conflicts excessively?
I am aware of the fact that my leadership team is mainly responsible for our development; let's work with them first!

Are all employees fully aligned towards the same motivating goal?

It might be right to look at the succession issue early enough!

Organizational development rarely reaches the defined goals. Sure, it is a complex task, but the shortcomings have a lot to do with the fact that the basic needs of the employees are not properly taken care of. How do I try to mitigate this fact?

  • Agreement with the client to define the issue rather broadly in order to avoid excluding relevant aspects from the very beginning.
  • Work on the obvious topics (strategy, structure, processes) first, before looking at the soft factors.
  • Close cooperation with the persons concerned, i.e. the experts.
  • Definition of the coaching goal from the start but at the same time re-evaluate and adjust goals from time to time: Navigation during Drifting!
  • Expert advice only in exceptional cases: the persons concerned decide their own fate.