About me

Focus on the individual and his unique life

Focus on the individual and his unique life

I don’t know but I'm very curious to learn more about it.

It is important to me to avoid hasty conclusions; rather I want to remain open for the client and his issue, in order to motivate and stimulate to expand the options for action. The combination of my long professional experience in management positions both domestically and abroad with a well-founded coaching practice allows me to sustain demanding issues and to stay in my role as a process companion without adopting quick recipes. I like to name this process 'Navigation during Drifting'; it is ok to drift during the joint exploration and trial process but then return to and align with the issue on a regular basis (navigation).

My Background:

  • As an economist (lic. oec. HSG), I have a special interest in organizations and their development opportunities.
  • My many years of business experience I was able to gather in large and small organizational units.
  • Through my leadership experience in senior management positions and board mandates in SMEs, I am familiar with top-level functions.
  • Within the multitude of my projects change has been an ever-recurring theme.
  • Leading strategic projects, I have gained a lot of experience in the topic of repositioning.
  • Through many years abroad, I am familiar with different cultures and move easily between them.
  • In various cultures I was able to select and promote employees.
  • A Master of Applied Studies degree in Supervision and Coaching in Organizations from the Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP) in Zurich and regular training ensures that I understand the prevailing challenges.
  • Based on practical experiences I have made broader studies in the topics of Leadership Development and Company Succession in the form of theses.

Important for me...